DIXIT & DE GARDE in the same night? We did it, and we're still in awe.  For those of you who don't know, Dixit is one of the greatest family games ever and will be loved by folks who enjoy Apples to Apples or similar games.  It won the Spiel des Jahres Award in 2010, which is the most prestigious award you can receive in the gaming industry. It set the bar for Hanabi and Code Names to follow. If you ask anyone who has played the game before, they will tell you Dixit has the weirdest artwork of any game ever, and I'm pretty sure that is true. Every single card has a unique visualization on it, which are all surreal like a Magritte painting. I've bought three expansion decks of cards, and each of those is similarly weird.  

Dixit is the next step in the board game world if you like Apples to Apples. There is a storyteller who gives a clue about a card, then everyone plays a card from their hand that reminds them of that clue. The cards are played face down, shuffled, and then flipped over. Every player then bets which card belongs to the storyteller. If you are right, you get a few points, and you can even get bonus points for tricking people like you can in Balderdash. The storyteller gets zero points if everyone or no-one guesses their card. This is a perfect incentive for the storyteller to not make their clue too difficult or too easy, which facilitates better group interaction.  This is an amazing family game, so go buy your copy today! 

As for the epic de Garde Brewery, they are located in Tillamook, Oregon (no joke, that's the name of the brewery) and creates some of the craziest, funkiest, and most unique beers in the world. They are extremely hard to come by, but if you befriend the right beer nerd, you might actually be able to get your hands on one. That is what I did, so start looking for beer friends from Oregon today!

Specific Beer:
Cherry Raz Bu - Berliner Weiss style ale aged in oak barrels with raspberries and tart cherries. Holy Moly.

Specific Game:
Dixit - Core Game plus Expansions (Quest, Odyssey, Daydreams)

-TableHop Wizard-


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