Monster's Park Escapes the Room!

Modern Times Monster's Park + Escape Room = Best Friday Ever

How is it that we continue to combine the most epic of beer and board games?
(The honest answer is having friends that are into beer and free shipping on Amazon Prime, but let's pretend that question was hypothetical).

Nevertheless, let's move forward with the most recent game night combo...

Escape The Room Stargazer's Manor is an Escape Room game for your living room! You've been to a real escape room, right? If not, stop reading this post and go now! Seriously. Find one in your city now. Our group of friends has done several real-life escape rooms together including one in a Theater, Detective's Office, and one with a Zombie!  Escape The Room Stargazer's Manor tries to bring that experience to your living room by delivering it in a small box. Start the timer and you have 90 minutes to solve all the clues and escape the room! We finished ours in about ~50 minutes, which we were pretty proud of. But I guess we're also all adults, so if you have kids it could take longer. The game itself has five main packets (and some of those have subpackets), so it feels like a good 10 puzzles you have to solve to win the game. This was a great first effort, and I'm very much looking forward to them releasing more of these in the future.  

So what did we pair this experience with?  For those of you not familiar with Modern Times Brewery, they are the hottest brewery in the country right now. Based out of San Diego, they have expanded to multiple tasting rooms including one scheduled for Los Angeles later this year. They make everything from delicious IPAs to Saisons to Imperial Stouts to Sours. They are as obsessed with coffee as they are beer and may be the only brewery in the world that roasts its own coffee beans. This obsession has lead to one of their best creations, Monster's Park imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels. If you like bourbon, espresso, or chocolate, you have to try this beer! It is rated 97 on RateBeer and will make you appreciate life in a new way afterward.

For any of you not sure what to do after you escape the room, definitely check out Modern Times 3rd Anniversary Party on July 9th, or their Festival of Dankness on August 13th, which is going to be the most epic IPA beer fest ever! 

August Update: We attended both of these Modern Times Events mentioned above, and they were epic!  The 3rd Anniversary party had 15-20 amazing seasonal beers on tap, and the Festival of Dankness was right on the waterfront in San Diego and had over 100 of the dankest IPAs I've ever tasted. Hands down, Modern Times is the best. 

-TableHop Wizard-


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