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The Resistance - Caffeine Required!

The Resistance is my #1 favorite party game ever.  It is a hidden role and social deduction game for 5-10 players that was inspired by Mafia/Werewolf where most players are on the good team and trying to find out who amongst them are the evil spies. The game itself only lasts about 30 minutes, and it doesn't have player elimination like those other games!  
At the beginning of the game everyone is assigned a role card with the minority of players being spies (eg two spies in a five player game), and then everyone closes their eyes.  The spies then open their eyes, so only they know who each other are, and then everyone opens their eyes.  The game from there consists of three to five rounds where the group rotates a leader who decides who amongst them is going on a mission.  Be careful when choosing your team, since if you choose a spy a go on a mission, they can anonymously fail it, and the spies win that round.  Then a new leader is in charge of putting together the next team to g…

Escape the Temple with J Wakefield Brewing

Escape The Curse of the Temple is a violently face-paced game that involves nearly destroying everything in your immediate vicinity. The game revolves around lightning-paced, multiple dice rolls to get your character deeper into unexplored temple rooms, collect gems, and then frantically make it back in time to your starting point. It is 100% cooperative between teammates meaning if you do not actively work together and communicate, you will quickly perish.

We found it took about 5 minutes to learn the rules with individual rounds taking around 10 minutes maximum. The highlights of the game include its fast pace and cooperative nature. While you listen to a special soundtrack in the background sourced from the internet and played on a smartphone, players need to roll certain symbol combinations with their dice to create and then explore new rooms in an ever-expanding temple. You win by getting all of the players out of the temple exit within the timeframe while simultaneously finding a…

Warning: Do Not Play This Game At Home

Ca$h 'n Guns is a fun 4-8 player party game where you and your friends are a gang of mobsters in an abandoned warehouse, and you can't agree how to split the loot!  It's time to let the guns talk and soon everyone is aiming at everyone.  The goal is to have more money than anyone else after eight rounds while still being alive.

Each round, one player is the Boss and controls the pace of play. First, loot cards are revealed on the table to show what's up for grabs. Next, players load their guns by secretly selecting either a real or fake bullet from their hand. The Boss counts to three, and each player points his foam gun at someone else.  After observing whose aiming at you, the Boss counts to three again and anyone who doesn't want to risk getting shot can back out and remove themselves from the round. Everyone who's pointing a gun at someone still in the round now reveals their card, and anyone who's the target of a real bullet takes a wound marker and ge…

Mayday! Mayday! meets Mumford Brewing

Mayday! Mayday! is an epic social deduction game where all players are flight crewmembers aboard flight LK-886 when the pilot suddenly dies. Heart attack? Murder? The crew believes there are infiltrators amongst them!  At the start of the game, one or two people in your group will be secretly assigned the roles of infiltrators while the majority of the group will be the honest crewmembers.  The honest team wins the game if they get all the honest crewmembers into the cockpit.  However, if just one single infiltrator gets in the cockpit, the game ends (boom)!

Note: For sensitivity reasons, this game is not distributed in the United States (as you can imagine). Thus, I had to make it myself with cards (hence the stick figures drawings in my photo).  Nevertheless, this is an excellent game and an excellent addition to the social deduction game genre.

How does it compare to The Resistance?  There is more information on the board in this game, thus there is more deduction and less acting tha…

#1 Pandemic Legacy vs #1 Sculpin

Battle of the Best in the Business:
#1 Game on BoardGameGeek (objective): Pandemic Legacy vs #1 Favorite IPA & Variation (subjective): Pineapple Sculpin

Is this really the #1 Game of All Time? It is according to the largest board game site in the world.  Pandemic Legacy is an epic cooperative campaign game with an overarching story played through 12-24 sessions. At the beginning, the game starts very similar to basic Pandemic where your team of disease-fighting specialists races against the clock to travel around the world treating disease and researching cures for each plague before they get out of hand.  During the campaign, new rules and components will be introduced, which will require you to permanently alter the components of the game!  This includes writing on cards, ripping them up, or putting permanent stickers on the board.  If you're into story lines like me (hence my love of TIME Stories), this is TIME Stories but with even more action and strategy.  I haven't fin…

HANABI @ Three Weavers Brewing Company

Let's first discuss the beer first before getting to the fireworks (pun'll see why later). Anyway, we went to Three Weavers Brewing Company in Inglewood, California, which is a newer brewery in LA (2013). Three Weavers claims to be "deeply rooted in the concept of responsibility - to our environment, to our industry, to our community, and to our employees. Three Weavers exists to share our love and appreciation of beer with the world - join us and become a member of the family." Now if that didn't sell you on visiting, the IPAs will. Overall the brewery has a pretty decent beer selection, around 5 year-round beers and 5 rotating specials, both of which you can order in flights to taste them all. Their best beer is probably their Expatriate IPA, so I highly recommend it if you visit.

How did we pass the time you ask? Hanabi! Hanabi is named for the Japanese word for "fireworks" and is a unique, cooperative game in which players try to …

TIME Stories (Expansions) + Beachwood Blendery

TIME Stories is SO good. Definitely one of the most unique boardgames we've ever played. It's so good that it was nominated for the 2016 Kennerspiel des Jahres Award this year. For you Americans out there, the Spiel des Jahres is the famous German Award for Game of the Year (normally a family game), which Code Names won this year and you can read my review here.  The Kennerspiel des Jahres expands this award to the best Advanced Game of the Year, which TIME Stories was nominated for, although it lost to some random game called Isle of Skye.
If you want to learn a little about the base game, read my overview here.  This post I want to quickly review the scenarios. Note: I'm purposely keeping these descriptions vague to avoid spoilers.
1) Aslyum - The scenario that comes in the box. Dark theme. Most puzzles of all scenarios with an incredibly tough one at the very end!  2) Marcy Case - Another dark theme. The most combat of all the games. If you enjoy dice rolling and fighting …