#1 Pandemic Legacy vs #1 Sculpin

Battle of the Best in the Business:

#1 Game on BoardGameGeek (objective): Pandemic Legacy vs
#1 Favorite IPA & Variation (subjective): Pineapple Sculpin

Is this really the #1 Game of All Time? It is according to the largest board game site in the world.  Pandemic Legacy is an epic cooperative campaign game with an overarching story played through 12-24 sessions. At the beginning, the game starts very similar to basic Pandemic where your team of disease-fighting specialists races against the clock to travel around the world treating disease and researching cures for each plague before they get out of hand.  During the campaign, new rules and components will be introduced, which will require you to permanently alter the components of the game!  This includes writing on cards, ripping them up, or putting permanent stickers on the board.  If you're into story lines like me (hence my love of TIME Stories), this is TIME Stories but with even more action and strategy.  I haven't finished this playing this game yet, since it can take 12-24 hours of play!  However, I'll write a final update once I finish this work of art.

Saving humanity is no easy job, and hydration is key.  Thus, you may want to look into drinking Sculpin IPA to increase your creativity and calm the nerves as 7 billion people are depending on you to save them.  If you aren't familiar, Sculpin IPA is the flagship IPA from Ballast Point Brewery from San Diego, which got bought for a BILLION dollars last year. Yes, billion with a B.  Their Sculpin IPA is the best wide-spread IPA in the US (note: I said wide-spread, not small batch, so chill).  Their Pineapple Sculpin is my favorite variation.  The combination of fruity flavors and hop intensity definitely packs a punch...the perfect punch that is.  This is a little harder to find than their Grapefruit Sculpin, which is a lot more widespread now, but if you happen to run across a six pack, don't think twice about buying it!

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