Mayday! Mayday! meets Mumford Brewing

Mayday! Mayday! is an epic social deduction game where all players are flight crewmembers aboard flight LK-886 when the pilot suddenly dies. Heart attack? Murder? The crew believes there are infiltrators amongst them!  At the start of the game, one or two people in your group will be secretly assigned the roles of infiltrators while the majority of the group will be the honest crewmembers.  The honest team wins the game if they get all the honest crewmembers into the cockpit.  However, if just one single infiltrator gets in the cockpit, the game ends (boom)!

Note: For sensitivity reasons, this game is not distributed in the United States (as you can imagine). Thus, I had to make it myself with cards (hence the stick figures drawings in my photo).  Nevertheless, this is an excellent game and an excellent addition to the social deduction game genre.

How does it compare to The Resistance?  There is more information on the board in this game, thus there is more deduction and less acting than The Resistance.  Don't get me wrong, The Resistance is one of my favorite group games ever.  However, some people don't like that in The Resistance there is only some deduction and a lot of acting and lying to people's faces.  In Mayday Mayday, there is much more information available that can help you more easily deduce who the bad guys are and make smarter decisions.  There is less looking into one another's eyes wondering who is lying and instead more looking down at the board to see what actions they took.  Because of this, the good guys actually win more often compared to Resistance where I feel the spies win the majority of the time.  My recommendation: If you are traveling to Europe and see this game, buy it!

Now what did we do on this long figurative flight LK-886? Drank some awesome IPAs and Stouts from Mumford Brewing based out of Los Angeles.  I'll tell you more about Mumford Brewing and why you should go below, but first check out this photo of us playing Mayday! Mayday! at the brewery.

The downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) brewery scene is blowing up (figuratively, not literally like the plane in the game).  Anyway, a whole slew of breweries have opened in the past two years including Mumford, Arts District Brewing, Iron Triangle, and Boomtown...all very close to already famous Angel City Brewery.  Even Modern Times (my favorite brewery) and Mikkeller Bar have announced their plans to open brewpubs in DTLA!  YES.  You can already start going on DTLA brewery/walking tours to try some "average but getting better beer"!  I say that because most of the beer from those breweries is decent, but isn't as good as the Torrance breweries like Monkish, Smog City, etc.  However, we do believe Mumford has the best beer of all the breweries in DTLA, and it's not loud inside like Arts District & Angel City so you can relax, have a good conversation, and play some games...all while trying several good IPAs and Stouts.  Enjoy!

-TableHop Wizard-


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