Quiplash XL: Apples to Apples for the 21st Century

Quiplash XL deviates from our usual table top game theme. This web-based, TV-projected game is unrivaled as a large group party game. It is similar to Apples to Apples, but everything is faster-paced and digital format. 

Your party host will pull up the game on a TV screen and a game code will show up. Anyone in the room (or actually anyone on earth) with the code can enter it at jackbox.tv on their smartphone. From there, players join and give themselves a nickname. Because answers can get exceptionally raunchy, some players opt for anonymity. But you can’t stay anonymous for very long as other players will quickly figure out who is who.

Like Apples to Apples, Quiplash rewards you based on funny answers to hypothetical questions. Or more precisely, players in your group are more likely to award points for responses that are creative and relate to the group itself. Inside jokes and current events tend to score better than average. We find that just as in games like Balderdash, the more outrageous the answer, the more likely people are to vote for your submission.

The big advantages to Quiplash are that there are no rules to explain, no learning curve, and it can entertain 8 or more people at once for at least an hour, which can be difficult for traditional board games. It is important to note that even though the game accommodates up to 8 persons, anyone with the specific game code can still join as an audience member and still vote for answers and give real points to the competing players. Audience members can even join in mid-game. Quiplash is also outrageously funny. There really isn’t another social game that makes us laugh more than this. It tends to bring out the dark humor side of our group, and you may be surprised what sort of twisted stuff goes on in your friends’ heads. To be fair, Quiplash eggs you on with adult-themed prompts. 

The disadvantage to this game is that the pacing is not only fast but also strictly fixed. You can’t walk away from the game and take a break. There is a set timer for both coming up with your own answers and voting for other submissions. Even if you need to go to the bathroom, you better take your phone with you in case your turn is up. If the counter times out before you submit an answer, you will earn no points that round and your opponent will automatically get every vote. That not only hurts your overall standing, but it kills the mood of the game as other players don’t get to see both funny submissions and vote for them. 

For beer pairings, given the above, you will have very little down time to savor and contemplate fancy beer. Your favorite go-to session beer is a good match or anything from a can and kept in the can. Pizza Port Ponto Session IPA and Modern Times Fortunate Islands tend to be my choices. But we have successfully done a full beer tasting, though, during a Quiplash marathon with decent success.

Quiplash XL is part of a larger game bundle purchased as the Jackbox Party Pack 2. The other games in the bundle we’ve tried, and though they are fun, none of them can hold a candle to Quiplash. Bomb Corp. is more of a thinking and logic game with SAT-like problems and the countdown timer is brutal. It isn’t very conducive to social drinking. Bidiots can actually be fun for a round or two. It has a similar format to Quiplash only your submissions are drawings you scribble on your phone. Still, Quiplash alone is able to draw and hold a crowd in just about any social gathering. This one is highly recommended.    



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