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AssassinCon + Cascade Sours

AssassinCon is a fun hidden movement game where each player takes on the role of a secret assassin at an annual convention where the deadliest folks get together every year to prove who is the best in the world.  The goal of the game is to catch your target while evading the person chasing you. Points are scored for correctly assassinating your target or identifying who is pursuing you. The nice thing about this game is that there is no player elimination, so even if you die, you're still in the game! For only $20 online, I recommend it! The game was well hidden amongst epic beers at our game night (see image below). Our choice for the evening were sour beers from Cascade Brewing , which is based out of Portland. When you visit the brewery in person, they give you a menu where the front says Non-Sours and the back says Sours. I love how the default beers at this brewery are sour beers, so the section of normal beers is specifically called Non-Sours (vs the other way around norm

One Night Ultimate Werewolf + Too Much Beer

Too much beer? Is that really in the title? Well let me break this down for you. During game night, we tasted Ballast Point Mango Even Keel , Boulevard Love Child , The Bruery  Eight Maids-a-Milking, Stone Arrogant Bastard - Bigger Longer & Uncut,  Delirium Tremens, Ommegang Game Of Thrones Valar Dohaeris, Cantillion Iris, Stone Enjoy By 10/31, Coronado Punk' In Drublic, and Jester King's Biere De Miel. It's safe to assume game night was going to be a blast no matter what game we played. We decided to go with One Night Ultimate Werewolf (ONUW), which many say is the best party/social deduction game of all time. I still think The Resistance is better; however, this is a great game, especially if you are looking for something new. ONUW is a social deduction game for up to 10 players where everyone gets a role: One of the Werewolves, the tricky Troublemaker, the helpful Seer, or one of a dozen different characters, each with a special ability. In the course of a sing

Good Cop Bad Cop + Mango Even Keel

Good Cop Bad Cop is a pretty decent deduction game where each player secretly takes the role of good cop or a crooked cop. The goal of the game, like other deduction games, is to try to figure out who is on your team and eliminate the opposing side. In this game, players investigate others, grab one of the 2-3 guns on the table, and try to take out the opposing leader to win the game. There are 'Equipment' cards that add some special powers & actions to the game, which make it interesting. Overall, it's an inexpensive game ($14 online) and recommended if you have already exhausted the other deduction games in the market (eg Resistance, One Night Werewolf, etc). However, if you're new to the genre of games, I would recommend skipping this one and going straight to the best in the industry... The Resistance , which you can read my review of here .  As for beer pairings, we went with Mango Even Keel , which may be my favorite session beer out there. It is brewed by