Murder Mystery Dinner meets Modern Times

Have you ever hosted your own Murder Mystery Party? It is easier than it sounds! Just buy the kit online (in this case A Murder on the Grill), and it comes with everything you need...invitations, character overviews, costume recommendations, scripts for each character to read, and a CD that will be the host for the night. I highly recommend checking it out for a night of fun with your friends (and it's a perfect replacement to game night).  In this scenario, the body of Tom Dooley was discovered at an outdoor barbeque, and you must solve the murder before the killer strikes again! This had a nice twist at the end, which one person figured out and properly solved the case! 

As for the beer, we tasted a nice range of brews with a specific focus on Modern Times, including their Orderville IPA (yum), Protocosmos (yummy), and Fruitlands (yum-a-licious). Not to mention some great guest appearances from The Bruery, Paradox, and Toolbox Brewing...all sours of course. Finally, we had one double IPA from Santa Barbara to provide some hops for the night (Lizards Mouth from Figueroa Mountain). A night of murder mystery & delicious beers #winning.

-TableHop Wizard-


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  2. In each round of play, one player is subtly appointed the job of "killer", maybe by giving each player a playing card with a specific card meaning that the beneficiary is the killer. The killer can "kill" different players by visually connecting and winking at them. Murder Mystery Game


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